All of our premium factory cigar samplers are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, which has become the #1 cigar making capital in the world. Unlike most retailers that sell bundles made up of rejected cigars, our bundles are made specifically to be sold as premium grade cigar samplers. None of our cigars are rejects, 2nds, 3rds, or lesser class. Our cigar bundles are made specifically for us! These cigars bundles are the best deal you can find for the money and are backed by our guarantee.

The majority of our cigars are made at Esteli. What makes their bundles different and of premium quality? Many cigar factories make bundles with low quality tobacco or use what’s left over to make a quick buck. In other occasions they will just turn imperfect sticks (seconds, thirds, and so on) into bundles.

Cigar Luxury is happy to deliver high quality premium factory cigar samplers for the fraction of the price. We currently stock a variety of shapes and sizes including toros, torpedos, robustos, salomones, churchills, box press, and much more. In addition, our bundles come in light and dark Habano wrappers, ConnecticutMaduro and Double Wrap. You’ll be blown away by the quality and the incredible price.

If you are looking for a specific order such as unique sized cigars, blends, and/or custom products, then please send us a message. We make cigars for many golf tournaments, conferences, and special events to meet your needs. Cigar Luxury is a leader in distribution of habano, maduro, and unique premium cigars from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Don’t forget to see our selection of boxed premium cigars from Horacio, Lamborghini, Guama, Parolis, Don Lopez, AJ Fernandez, and more. We are constantly adding new products to our catalogue and invite you to checkout our unique selection.

If you are in a cigar club, then send us an email for special pricing for your clubs orders. We can customize a package to meet all of your cigar club members needs, which include discounted pricing on select premium boxes and/or bundles.