Salomon 7½X58 Maduro


These Salomon Maduro Figurado (7 ½ x 58)  Bundles of 25’s are made at the Esteli, Nicaragua. Rolled using 100% premium Cuban seed wrappers and long fillers, these cigars are made with all Cuban characteristics in mind. Have your choice from soft to full body and enjoy a smooth, creamy cigar that is packed with flavor at an affordable price.

You can choose a bundle of 25 cigars:

  • Salomon Maduro – 7 ½ x 58 Double Figurado
  • Salomon Maduro – 7 ½ x 58 Double Figurado Boxpress



Premium Factory Cigar Bundles. Salomon Maduro (7 ½  x 58) Figurado.

All of our premium factory cigar bundles are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, which has become the #1 cigar making capital in the world. Unlike most retailers that sell bundles made up of rejected cigars, our bundles are made specifically to be sold as premium grade bundles. None of our cigars are rejects, 2nds, 3rds, or lesser class. Our bundles are made specifically for us! These cigars are the best deal you can find for the money and are backed by our guarantee.

Cigar Luxury is happy to deliver high quality premium factory cigar bundles for the fraction of the price. We currently stock a variety of shapes and sizes including toros, torpedos, robustos, salomones, churchills, and much more. In addition, our bundles come in light and dark Habano wrappers, ConnecticutMaduro and Double Wrap.



Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in

Double Figurado, Double Figurado Boxpress

41 reviews for Salomon 7½X58 Maduro

Based on 41 reviews
  1. Ken C. (verified owner)

    1st time buying this one, but if it’s anything like the other Maduros, I’m gonna love it!

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  2. George (verified owner)

    A very pleasing smoke. Medium to full bodied, consistently even burn. Very flavorful maduro with a hint of sweetness. Comparable to more expensive Nicaraguan cigars.

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  3. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Just finish my bundle. By far one of thee best maduros i had in my 16 years of smoking cigars. From start to finish nothing but smooth draws, quality aroma throughout smoke. Even burn throughout no canoes what so ever. Notes earthy, berry fruit, leathery, spice. I will be buying more in the future.

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  4. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying these, they grow on you.

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  5. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Great Great Smoke

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  6. scott (verified owner)

    Love the flavor mid way through

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  7. Thurston J. Hartford (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying the Maduro and Habano salomons for three months now and I keep coming back for more. Well constructed, consistancy in delivering on the promise of not just a great value but rather, this is a great cigar. I stayed away from the ct Salomon preferring in the 6×60 Perfecto as it is unique in stature and if you take your time with it, delivers the creamy notes as an avid smoker yearns for.

    I’ve turned all my smoking brethren onto them and everyone is asking for more.

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  8. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    The Maduro salomon by cigar luxury is a premium cigar on it’s own. Easy to light, steady burn, layers of flavors, solid ash, and pleasant smoke aroma. Theres much more to add but I’m smoking one right now and I’m a purist, I cant do two things at once. I highly recommend this cigar to any big cigar Maduro enthusiast. A pure value, but nothing was skimped on quality. I just received two bundles today but I’ll be buying more for my humidor next month!!!

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  9. scott johnson (verified owner)

    Great stick with a bold flavor 1/3 through

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  10. scott j. (verified owner)

    I like this robust smoke after lunch or on the golf course.

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  11. scott johnson (verified owner)

    Big dawg daddy….say no more

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  12. Ronald H. (verified owner)

    Great product. We will be ordering again shortly.

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  13. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    I’ve always had great responsive service, only exceeded by the quality of cigars I buy regularly.

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  14. Darren Robinson (verified owner)


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  15. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    These Salomon maduro are supreme. Lots of comments on its aroma all around a solid cigar. I’m now venturing into the gordo size and others. I highly recomend this cigar, top quality at an affordable price. I’m a customer forever!!!

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  16. scott j. (verified owner)

    Nice robust smoke after lunch!

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  17. Edwin (verified owner)

    Wow what a smooth surprise. Flavorful, tasty smoke.

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  18. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    I have favored cigars like everyone might. I discovered two weeks ago I was completely out of these salomons. So I quickly ordered three bundles

    Usually there are notices on order status and when to expect delivery. Instead they were on my doorstep 4 days later.

    It’s all about the cigar, yes. But it’s also the people who make it all happen

    Many thx, I’ll he ordering shortly on my other favs

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  19. scott j. (verified owner)

    Full body consistent burn

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  20. Robert Roemer (verified owner)

    Like the shape. I am use to a 6 x 60 so this felt more comfortable in the mouth. First stick I tried was really good. More than I expected for the price. This Maduro was perfect with my morning coffee. The second stick was plugged. Hope the rest of the bundle are as good as the first.

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  21. Edwin (verified owner)

    These Maduro’s have a bit of oil to them that provides for a little more smoke. Flavor, aroma and texture of this cigar is wonderful. Definitely a treat to the senses.

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  22. Eric V. (verified owner)

    Good cigars. Prompt delivery. Thank you!

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  23. Ash (verified owner)

    First time ordering in the humi getting seasoned

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  24. David (verified owner)

    Great taste, consistent structure. Burns very well.

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  25. Chan-Yin Lum (verified owner)

    Strong with a slight metallic taste. Maybe it’s just me.

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  26. Chan-Yin Lum (verified owner)

    Excellent smokes as always. Reasonably fast int’l delivery

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  27. David (verified owner)

    I like them very much

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  28. scott j. (verified owner)


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  29. Robert W. (verified owner)

    I order 2 bundles. These are my top 5 cigars of all time. Love the transitions throughout smoke. Ranging from subtle/robust notes berry, nutty, and woodsy notes. Love the aroma. Very satisfied, will be reordering soon.

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  30. Chan-Yin Lum (verified owner)

    Good smoke

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  31. michael B. (verified owner)

    good cigars

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  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Chocolate bombs! Always tasty.

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  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Long lasting! Chocolate!

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  34. Chan-Yin Lum (verified owner)

    Good smokes, a little metallic at the finish, but maybe that’s just me

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  35. Chan-Yin Lum (verified owner)

    Good smoke as always!

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  36. Thurston Hartford (verified owner)

    Cigar luxury consistantly delivers not only the service but great cigars. For two years I have been impressed by their responsiveness on orders and quality of the cigars. I highly recommend them! Tjh

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  37. Edwin (verified owner)

    Wonderful fragrant smoke

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  38. Ronald (verified owner)

    Awesome cigar. Well made and great blend

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  39. Crai (verified owner)

    Fantastic cigar. I’ve smoked them from both sides. Which end is most recommended to light up? Skinny or fat end? Help…thx

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  40. Ronald H. (verified owner)

    Awesome cigars!

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  41. Ellis (verified owner)

    Good smokes ,fast ship

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