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Horacio cigars were first produced in Costa Rica, as the result of a meeting between three aficionados at the dawn of the third millennium. Today, their unique expertise in every step from design to distribution has made them key players in the world of Caribbean cigars. After several months of operation, guided by their pursuit of excellence, the friends moved production from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, and more specifically Esteli, a hub for high-end cigar production. In fact, some of the best supplies in the world are sourced in Nicaragua, which also offers a concentration of cigar-making expertise. The choice and selection of the best tobaccos allowed them to create a product worthy of attention. This careful and rigorous work enabled the brand to gain market share rapidly. Lovers of characterful cigars were quickly won over. This quality is found in every product, as each cigar is rolled only from whole leaves by the hands of the most experienced torcedores. Horacio cigars are extremely well-filled and firm to the touch. Wrappers are rich and silky, applied with great care and rigour. In response to the wishes of cigar lovers, the creative team regularly presents new products in order to meet the evolving tastes and requirements of aficionados. Horacio cigars are not mass produced and are available on a case by case basis. We strongly encourage our customers to stock up!

Featured Review

by William C. Nelson (Cigar & Leisure Magazine)

There exist a few cigar flavor “families” that most experienced cigar lovers can recognize and agree upon. We are not referring here to “flavored” or infused cigars but rather to the flavor tones that can be detected in various natural cigar blends. Some cigars are earthy, some are leathery, some are cedary, while others show a bright or citrusy aspect. (Many blond Connecticut-wrapped cigars fall into the latter camp.) Yet another important and sought-after cigar flavor profile is one that conjures thoughts of chocolate or cocoa. To this reviewer, the velvety-smooth, silky, medium-bodied Horacio rules the roost among chocolaty cigars.

Horacio cigars come uncellophaned, in the Cuban style—something most American consumers won’t be accustomed to—and you can buy them in Habano or maduro wrapper, but even the Habanos are dark enough to provide a natural sweetness. When you first touch the cigar and get a sense of its firm construction, and note the oily sheen on the flawless wrapper, you almost mourn that smoking such a beautiful thing necessitates destroying it. And what a sight to see, when you open a new box of Horacios and witness the cigars lined up like so many chocolate-colored cannons. It took an hour and a half to smoke the large 7 x 70 XXL, and that was rushing it. Pre-light weigh-in revealed a cigar that tipped the scale at 1 1/4 ounces, so the rollers pack a lot of leaf into every one of these sticks, which accounts for their hefty feel.

The Horacio manufacturing operation began in Costa Rica before moving to Nicaragua, and to this day the cigars incorporate some measure of Costa Rican leaf, though the exact nature of the blend is kept a mystery. Even the importer does not know whence the wrapper leaf hails. No matter. Even if the leaf comes from Neptune, this is a cigar worth stocking up on. (You can be sure this reviewer did so before writing publicly about the brand.)

Horacio is one of those labels still flying under the radar of most American consumers, but if ever you gain entrée to a yacht or chalet owned by well-connected people who appreciate nice things, this is exactly the style of cigar they would stock. Because you are reading this page, you now have a chance to smoke like a billionaire without being a billionaire, or spending like one. Horacio is not exactly a cheap cigar, but it certainly remains a bargain, so far. If ever the Horacio brand gains a larger following, its price will rise. So get while the getting is good.

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