[laborator_heading title=”HAVANA 1958 MAFIA TIME” sub_title=”BY HOYO DE CUBA CIGAR FACTORY”]
The Hoyo de Cuba cigar factory has been manufacturing cigars for many brands for several years. Highlights include Havana 3340, Havana Reserva, which are rolled out at their factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. However, now the cigar maker has its own brand. This is the first brand of the Hoyo de Cuba cigar factory.

The line consists of three different mixes. Currently, the line is beginning to reach retailers. Havana 1958 Mafia Time has three offerings: Connecticut, Habano and Maduro San Andrés. We highly recommend these clubs for their unique mixes, great build, and historical significance.

The Havana 1958 Mafia Time line pays homage to an area of Cuba known as Manicaragua, located in the central province of Las Villas. The region is famous for a mineral-rich soil ideal for tobacco. Beginning in 1937, the region saw the first of many cigar factories emerge.

There is a link to the region through the Hoyo de Cuba cigar factory ‘Presidente Raúl Velazco’, whose paternal lineage is said to be “deeply woven into the tradition of cigar-making in Manicaragua.” With Havana 1958 Mafia Time, Mr. Velazco set out to create a cigar steeped in Cuban tradition.