The perfect mix of tobacco based out of Miami, Florida.

Guama 1920 cigars brand itself is the perfect mix of tobacco blend selected. It is rolled only by expert tobacco rollers. Is the result of more than fifty years of development, with an emphasis on quality throughout.

Guama cigars are hand rolled in Danli, Honduras with premium tobacco. A rich blend of Cuban-seed Ligero tobacco leaves from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua with fine Seco and Viso leaves from the Jamastran Valley of Honduras gives these hand rolled cigars a uniquely complex and smooth taste. The cigars are then draped in a rich sun grown Cuban-seed Habano 2000 leaf.

This combination of tobacco leaves makes for a stout and flavorful cigar smoking experience. They are individually hand ringed, cellophaned and then bundle packed. Smoking them is an experience not to be missed. Whether at a club or at the golf course, these are perfect for the occassion. Each Churchill cigar is 7 inches long and have a ring gauge of 50, the Toro is 6 inches long and have a ring gauge of 52 and the Robusto is 5 inches long and have a ring gauge of 50

The Cuban-seed Habano tobacco in each Guama cigar was grown in Honduras’ prized Jamastran Valley and Nicaragua’s Jalapa Valley. It was then carefully fermented and aged for over 3 years by Cuban masters. Handmade in Danli, Honduras by skillfully trained cigar rollers, each cigar produces lots of smoke and a refined taste. They were made by seasoned Cuban cigar veterans that demand the highest quality.