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About Cigar Luxury Fine & Rare Cigars is your no. 1 source for fine & rare premium cigars on brands such as Lamborghini, Horacio, AJ Fernandez, Don Lopez, Guama, and many more. Our selection is constantly changing, and we always try to offer brands not offered by many of our competitors. In addition, we also sell singles, packs, and premium bundles.

Cigar Luxury is managed through a partnership with the Lord of the Cigars Corporation.

The Lord of the Cigars Corporation, also known as Lord Cigars, was established in 2013 by Lester Alvarez with the focus on bringing high quality boutique cigars to the North American market. Since its founding, Lord Cigars has worked closely with premium tobacco factories in Esteli, Nicaragua. Today, Lord Cigars deals with bundles, house brands, and boutique cigars. Moreover, it’s paved the way for many boutique brands by helping them start their own individual cigar lines. It’s a company that’s interested in the expansion and promotion of the world of cigars.

Lord of the Cigars is proud to distribute the cigar lines of Lamborghini, Horacio, Don Lopez and Guama, to name a few, in addition to over 50+ types of premium bundles.