Candela Cigars. Exploring the Rich Heritage and Unique Characteristics.

Candela Cigars

Candela Cigars

In the vast world of cigars, each blend and wrapper type brings its own distinct flavor profile and cultural significance. Among the diverse array of cigars available, Candela cigars stand out for their unique green hue and the rich history that accompanies them. Originating from Cuba and gaining popularity in the United States, Candela cigars offer aficionados a distinctive smoking experience that sets them apart from other varieties.

Gordo Candela

Origins: A Cuban Heritage

The history of Candela cigars can be traced back to the tobacco fields of Cuba. The word “Candela” itself is derived from the Spanish term for “candle,” referencing the green color of the wrapper. In the mid-20th century, during the heyday of Cuban cigars, Candela wrappers became a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts.

Cuban Candela cigars were prized for their mild to medium-bodied flavor and the unique curing process used for the wrapper leaves. The green hue was achieved by quickly drying the leaves in a specially designed curing barn, preserving the chlorophyll content and giving the wrapper its distinctive color.

The Transition to the United States

As political and economic shifts affected the cigar industry in Cuba, many skilled tobacco growers and cigar makers migrated to the United States, bringing their expertise and traditions with them. This migration played a crucial role in the evolution of Candela cigars outside of Cuba.

In the U.S., Candela wrappers became associated with American cigar manufacturing, particularly during the mid-20th century. Cigar factories in places like Pennsylvania and Connecticut embraced the Candela wrapper, and it became a staple in the American cigar market.

Coronita Candela
Salomon Leaf

Characteristics of Candela Cigars

Candela cigars are easily recognizable by their vibrant green wrappers, a stark contrast to the brown and natural tones typical of most cigars. The green color is a result of the unique curing process, and it imparts a distinctive visual appeal to these cigars.

In terms of flavor, Candela cigars are known for their mild to medium-bodied profiles. The curing process used for the wrapper leaves contributes to a smoother and milder smoking experience compared to some darker wrappers. The flavor profile often includes notes of grass, cedar, and a subtle sweetness, making Candela cigars a favorite among those who appreciate a more nuanced and mellow smoke.

Modern Resurgence

While the popularity of Candela cigars experienced a decline in the latter part of the 20th century, they have seen a resurgence in recent years. Cigar enthusiasts and manufacturers alike have rediscovered the unique qualities of Candela wrappers, leading to a renewed interest in these distinctive cigars.

Modern cigar makers are experimenting with Candela wrappers in creative ways, often blending them with other wrapper types to create complex and flavorful cigars. This innovation has breathed new life into the Candela cigar market, attracting both seasoned aficionados and newcomers intrigued by the green-wrapped cigars.


In conclusion,

Candela cigars offer a fascinating journey through the history of cigars, from their Cuban origins to their prominence in the United States. With their distinctive green hue and mild flavor profile, Candela cigars continue to captivate the palates of cigar enthusiasts, proving that tradition and innovation can coexist in the ever-evolving world of cigars.

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