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Premium Factory Bundles – 25 Churchill Connecticut (7×48)

These Churchill Connecticut Bundles of 25’s are made at the Tabacalera Hernandez Cantillo S.A. Factory located in central Esteli, Nicaragua. Rolled using 100% premium Cuban seed wrappers and long fillers, these cigars are made with all Cuban characteristics in mind. Have your choice from soft to full body and enjoy a smooth, creamy cigar that is packed with flavor at an affordable price.

Wrapper: Oliva Connecticut Premium Wrapper

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All of our premium factory bundles are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, which has become the #1 cigar making capital in the world. Unlike most retailers that sell bundles made up of rejected cigars, our bundles are made specifically to be sold as premium grade bundles. None of our cigars are rejects, 2nds, 3rds, or lesser class. Our bundles are made specifically for us! These cigars are the best deal you can find for the money and are backed by our guarantee.

What makes the Hernandez Cantillo bundles of premium quality? Many cigar factories make bundles with low quality tobacco or use what’s left over to make a quick buck. In other occasions they will just turn imperfect sticks (seconds, thirds, and so on) into bundles. The owners at the Tabacalera Hernandez Cantillo (who worked for Padron and Perdomo) know this and have taken full advantage. They make premium bundles using premium quality tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. There are no seconds, thirds, or fourths to worry about.

Cigar Luxury is happy to deliver high quality premium cigar bundles for the fraction of the price. We currently stock a variety of shapes and sizes including toros, torpedos, robustos, salomones, churchills, and much more. In addition, our bundles come in light and dark Habano wrappers, Connecticut, and Maduro.


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